Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP condemns crimes in the Middle East

The PCP condemns the brutal bombings by the Israeli aviation in the Gaza Strip that left a trail of death and destruction in these last two days and which constitute yet another of Israel's many crimes and provocations in a consistent violation of international legality and the rights of the martyred Palestinian people.

It also condemns the joint criminal attack of Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates’ forces, with the active support of the United States, on a school bus near the city of Dahyan, in Yemen, causing at least 50 deaths, mostly children, and many dozens injured.

These two events dramatically show the brutality of US imperialism's offensive against the peoples of the Middle East in conjunction with the Zionist regime of Israel and the corrupt and obscurantist monarchies of the Gulf.

The PCP draws attention to the silence or the appearance of normality with which these events are treated in the international institutions and by the media, following a routine that by dehumanizing the victims, legitimize violence and horror.

While making public its strongest condemnation of these criminal acts, the PCP expresses its full solidarity with the peoples who are victims of aggression, especially the heroic and martyred Palestinian people, and demands from the Portuguese Government a clear and unequivocal condemnation.

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