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PCP condemns attacks in Paris

PCP condemns attacks in Paris

PCP vehemently condemn the attacks that took occurred in Paris, manifests its consternation and sorrow to the victims and their families, and expresses the solidarity of the Portuguese communists with the French people.

Terrorism, whatever its proclaimed causes and objectives, always serves the most reactionary interests. The response to terrorism needs to necessarily entail a fight against its most deepest causes ​– political, economic and social ​– and the defense and affirmation of the values of liberty, democracy, sovereignty and independence of States.

PCP considers that heinous crimes ​– as those perpetrated in Paris or those a few days ago in Beirut ​– place an urgency upon policies of détente and peace in international relations and the respect for international law, that puts an end to inferences and aggressions against sovereign States, namely in the Middle East.

PCP underlines that the recurrent imposition of additional attacks upon fundamental rights and freedoms and the increase in the escalation of interference and war, as reality has proven, has fed the growth of racist, xenophobic and fascists forces and their action of terror.

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