Release Secretariat of the Central Committee

The PCP and the Referendum in Venezuela

The confirmation of Hugo Chavez as President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela according to the preliminary official results announced by the Electoral National Council, constitutes a great victory of the patriotic and progressive Venezuelan forces that the PCP greets and salutes with profound joy and solidarity spirit. The fact that the referendum had an enormous turn out and held under conditions of great serenity and democratic transparency strongly underlines the political significance of this huge demonstration of popular support to the democratic process in which Hugo Chavez is the more outstanding personality.

In this moment of great joy for all those who in Venezuela, in Latin America and in the world fight for social progress, against imperialism and for a freer and fairer world, the PCP fraternally salutes the workers and people of Venezuela, the Communist Party of Venezuela, the Movement Fifth Republic and all forces engaged in the defence of sovereignty, in the deepening of democracy and in the social progress of this country.

The PCP alerts against any attempts of the international reaction or of imperialism, to challenge the results of the referendum and to destabilize Venezuela with the purpose of regaining privileges, namely the control of the oil, and to restore the power of a corrupt oligarchy submitted to North-American interests.

Our Party, confirming its solidarity position translated into the presence of a member of the PCP’s Central Committee in Venezuela, warmly greets
the workers and the Venezuelan people and wishes them the best in their intervention and struggle for the consolidation and advance of the revolutionary Bolivarian process.

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