Statement by Paulo Raimundo, General Secretary of the PCP

New Year’s Message

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I know from my own experience the difficulties that the vast majority of us face in contrast to economic groups that accumulate 25 million euros in profits per day.

Injustice and inequality are a harsh reality.

But it doesn't have to be, and it can't be like this.

The Portuguese people spread across the world, those who live and work here, have the right to a better life.

There are many people who are rightly disenchanted, outraged, and have lost faith.

But the country has a future.

There are means, resources, strength and will, there are upright and honest people, capable of putting the country back on the April track, in this April of hope, rights, achievements and values so alive in the lives of each and every one.

Count on us, for this path, this path that is possible, necessary and urgent.

This path that frees the country from submission to economic groups.

That respects the workers and increases wages and pensions.

That saves the National Health Service.

That ensures Public Schools and access to housing.

That guarantees rights for parents and children.

A path that is in the hands of everyone and each one of us.

This is the everyday option and also in the upcoming elections.

More strength for the PCP and the CDU is strength to combat regression, defend rights and improve living conditions.

Each time the PCP and CDU advance, the possibilities of a better life for each and every one are reinforced.

We want and will surely build that better life to which we are all entitled.

On the horizon of 2024, in the face of the problems facing the world, we express our confidence in their overcoming and wish peace and social progress for all peoples.