Statement by Paulo Raimundo, General Secretary of the PCP, Demonstration for Peace in the Middle East

Peace in the Middle East! Independent Palestine!

100 days.

100 days of bombings that have killed more than 23 thousand people, including over 9000 children. 100 days of destruction of homes, schools, hospitals, healthcare centres, the lives of even those who survive. But it is also 100 days of international solidarity that does not wane.

Today, thousands of raised fists and firm voices filled the streets of Lisbon and demanded peace and independence for Palestine and for the whole Middle East. Paulo Raimundo, General Secretary of the PCP, joined the demonstration called by CPPC – Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation, MPPM – Movement for the Rights of the Palestinian People and Peace in the Middle East, CGTP-IN – General Confederation of Portuguese Workers — Intersindical Nacional, and Projecto Ruído – Youth Association, joined by many other organisations, under the motto “Peace in the Middle East! Independent Palestine! End the War! End the Massacre!”

This great demonstration of solidarity and resistance began at the Embassy of the United States of America, a gesture that denounces the support and complicity of the USA with the crimes that Israel has committed for decades against the Palestinian people, and ended at the Embassy of Israel. Throughout the demonstration, “United States arming, Israel bombing” was clearly heard. All of this is only possible because the USA is behind Israel and the danger that this war that Israel launched against the Palestinian people will spread to the entire Middle East is already clearly visible.

The PCP defends that the Portuguese Government should recognise the State of Palestine, within the borders prior to 1967 and with its capital in East Jerusalem, as determined by United Nations resolutions; that it should assume this stand within the scope of the United Nations and other international bodies in which it is present; and conduct its action in international relations with a view to the effective implementation of a sovereign, independent and viable State of Palestine, as determined by United Nations resolutions.

Palestine will win!