Statement by Paulo Raimundo, General Secretary, CGTP-IN National Demonstration «Everyone to Lisbon! General increase in wages and pensions – national emergency!”

A great day of workers’ struggle

It is a great day of struggle, with a mobilisation that everybody can witness.

But perhaps the most decisive question is how all these people are here, with many problems, with many difficulties, but with a determination to want to solve problems, with all this strength.

And therefore, I can say that it is a great joy, it is a great day of workers’ struggle.

The reasons are many and they are fair, like the rising cost of living, low wages, pressure and difficulties regarding housing.

This has to be solved. It can't go on like this.

Therefore, it is in a very determined way, with great mobilisation and great determination.

I think that the most remarkable thing about this demonstration, this impressive demonstration, is the determination of these people who are here, precisely with the commitment to solve them.

And there are forces here capable of solving and changing the course of Portugal that we really need.