Release from the PCP Press Office

No to the provocation of the US Administration. PCP expresses solidarity with the Palestinian people

The transfer of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, now carried out by the Trump Administration, is an insult to the Palestinian people and to the peoples of the world. After seven decades of non-observance of UN resolutions to create a Palestinian State in Palestinian territory, with its capital in Jerusalem; after years of false and fruitless negotiations for political solutions that would ensure the national rights of the Palestinian people - the materialisation of this iniquitous decision confirms that the United States clearly disregards International Law and United Nations resolutions and does not take a responsible position in negotiation processes nor in the search for ways to Peace.

For decades, US imperialism systematically violates international legality, launching continuous wars of aggression and destabilizing operations against the sovereignty of peoples. The recent decisions by the US President confirm that we are witnessing a premeditated operation of violation of the principles of the UN Charter, where the United States tries to impose, in articulation with Israel and with the connivance of other NATO powers, the law of the strongest, of arbitrariness and violence in international relations.

Israel's repeated bombings of Syria - particularly those of last week - and the continuing massacre of peaceful Palestinian demonstrators by Israel, which accompany the escalating provocations of the US Administration, add to the danger that the tragedy of a quarter of a century of wars by the US, NATO and its allies against the peoples of the Middle East, may turn into a catastrophe of even greater dramatic proportions.

The Portuguese Government must take a clear stand of demarcation from the illegalities and the warmongering strategy of the US and NATO, a political-military bloc of which the European Union proclaims itself to be a “European pillar”. The commitment of Portugal cannot be with illegality, arbitrariness, violence, war, or with the destruction of the international legal order embodied in the principles of the UN Charter.

In accordance with the principles of international relations laid down in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, and in particular in its Article 7, Portugal must unequivocally and sovereignly condemn the policies of aggression and war by the US Administration and Israel’s unpunished, criminal and illegal policy. The constitutional duty of the Portuguese Government is to staunchly defend world peace, namely the inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people.

The PCP reaffirms its solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for their national rights, for the release of Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli jails, to build the Palestinian state on the pre-1967 borders and with its capital in East Jerusalem and for respect for the right of return of the Palestinian refugees, in line with applicable UN resolutions recognizing the rights of the Palestinian people.

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