"NATO stewards"

Translated "Avante!"article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

On the eve of the NATO Secretary-General’s visit to Portugal, the Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs released an article, in the Público (2018.01.25): a regrettable submission and blind support position, contrary to the April Constitution. In a whole paragraph, ,they both recall Portugal is a NATO founder member ( not mentioning during fascism) and declare “ that NATO, along history and currently, an important part of our understanding in conceiving National Defence, by integrating its genetic code”. The genes of the past are out there.

The article joins NATO’s initials to the word “security”. Proudly, it refers Portugal “is one of the main contributors” concerning the NATO mission in Afghanistan “ with almost 200 soldiers involved”. But what does the occupied Afghanistan represent, upon decades of subversion and 17 years of USA/ NATO war? In the article’s previous Saturday, a Taliban attack killed 22 people and the following week-end a bomb-vehicle killed 100. The New York Times (2018.01.27) quoting the UN, said, that along 2017, in average, ten civilians died everyday, not mentioning that many died in USA /NATO air attacks. The UN Agency for the Refugees (UNHCR), mentions 2,5 million Afghani refugees, in Pakistan and Iran. According to another UN agency, the UNODC, the opium production, almost totally eradicated in the year before the invasion, grew upon 2001, the poppy production area having achieved over 63%, in 2017 and the opium production 87%. Afghani poppies produce 90% of the world heroin and Afghanistan is the country with the highest percentage of heroin consumers (in BBC, 2013.04.11). Within the USA, heroin users increased from 189 thousand in 2001, unto 4.5 million currently ( in Chossudovsk,globalresearch.ca, 2018.01.27). A.Vltchek, a journalist, presents poppy fields by the USA base in Bagram (21stcenturywire.com, 2017.08.05). The USA Intelligence and drug traffic liaisons are old and well documented. When the article says “ we are […] peace and security producers […]in so many other parts in the world”, and specifically about Afghanistan, this is mentioned.

All NATO wars engendered similar tragedies, along with a destruction trail, from the Balkans unto Libya and the Middle East. The Ministers announced that Portugal ought to “ reinforce capacities, namely through the acquisition of new medium transport aircrafts and the reinforcement of our naval capacity, within the NATO framework, “in a near future”. Meanwhile, investments concerning the NHS (National Health Service), public transport or fire prevention and combat are deferred. Defending that “NATO ought to be more and more prepared for its vocation round 360 degrees”, in other words, the self-proclaimed “right” to intervene wherever and under any pretext. But NATO is a war, destruction, lie and imperialist aggression criminal instrument. Above law. Compromising Portugal in future wars against Iran, DPR of Korea or even Russia and China, under the USA /Trump decision? With what consequences? And for what purposes?

This government, not only but concerning the EU issues, does not break up with opposing policies to people’s and the country interests. As Tony Blair, and within the PS government, some are NATO’s most trustful stewards, currently under Trump’s tutelage. An old tradition among our leader classes, is to exchange sovereignty for a plate of lentils. Even if, as in 1580, to submit to powers, in decline.
In decline, but criminal and dangerous.

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