Release from the PCP Press Office

National Action "Employment rights, production and sovereignty - Patriotic and Left-wing Alternative”

National Action

PCP launched on the past 29th, a National Action directed to the workers and people with a view to explain and mobilise under the slogan "Employment rights, production and sovereignty - Patriotic and Left-wing Alternative". This action will be accompanied by a poster and a national leaflet, and will carry out a set of initiatives among which a cycle of thematic debates addressing the issues of Social Security, Fiscal Justice, support for children and families, Precariousness, public investment and national production , and Housing.

Having as subjects Employment, Rights, Production and Sovereignty, this action seeks to enhance the progress made in this new phase of national political life, with the struggle of the workers and the contribution of the PCP; demonstrate that a solid and full response to national problems needs a rupture with the right-wing policy and the constraints that weigh on the country - the debt, the Euro and private banking; state that a patriotic and left-wing policy is necessary and possible, asserting national sovereignty, the interests of the people and the country's development.

The aim of the Action is also to stress that PS’ option not to break with the external constraints and the interests of monopoly capital prevents a response to the country's fundamental problems, and hence the national situation requires the strengthening of the PCP, to build a Patriotic and Left-wing alternative and policy.

The leaflet to be distributed contains some of the proposals for which the PCP fights, either in the State Budget, in institutions and outside them:

- repeal of grievous provisions of labour legislation, the defence of collective bargaining, against precariousness and exploitation;

- unfreezing of careers in Public Administration and elimination of restrictions on rights; the increase of wages, for a national minimum wage of € 600 from the beginning of 2017;

- actual increase in retirement and pension payments, of at least 10 € per month;

- more doctors, nurses and operational staff in the NHS, reduce and eliminate user fees;

- free school textbooks in the 1st. cycle of schooling, binding contracts for teachers;

- better Social Security, improved social benefits, including family allowance and solidarity supplement for the elderly;

- fiscal justice, tax economic groups and relief for workers and people;

- for national production, employment, public investment, support for micro, small and medium-size enterprises;

- against the privatisation of Novo Banco, the defence of CGD bank, public, to serve the population and the economy, with respect for workers;

- defence of the language and culture, strengthen support for artistic and cultural activity.

This action will include rallies, public meetings, thematic visits and moments of contact with the workers and population all over the country.