Statement by Paulo Raimundo, General Secretary of the PCP, Demonstration «National Day of Outrage, Protest and Struggle»

«A momentous day of struggle by those who work in Portugal»

We are witnessing a great day of workers' struggle, a day of outrage, protest and struggle. A very significant set of actions, strikes, stoppages, with expression on the streets, as you can see here, with all this determination, in a struggle that is amply justified.

A struggle for wages, a struggle against the rising cost of living. A struggle for price regulation, against precariousness. In the end, a struggle for the rights of those who produce our country's wealth. The people who are here deserve a better life, a decent life which is something they don't have.

So, there is great determination and great joy, great unity. And conditions are also being created to continue this struggle to increase wages, and against the increase in the cost of living, as we are hearing here.