March 6, 2021 The Portuguese Communist Party celebrates its Centenary

March 6, 2021 The Portuguese Communist Party celebrates its Centenary

The PCP is carrying out a vast programme of initiatives under the motto «1921-2021 - Centenary of the Portuguese Communist Party - Freedom, Democracy, Socialism - The future has a Party».

As part of the celebrations, the PCP will hold a wide range of initiatives from March 1 to 6 all over the country , marking its heroic history of 100 years of struggle and affirming its project for the future.

In view of the current situation, marked by serious economic and social and public health problems, in which the epidemic, besides its direct effects, is being used to promote setbacks, to call into question political, economic, social and cultural rights, deeply affecting the living conditions of the workers and Portuguese people, the PCP will make its Centenary a day of struggle, about the problems that the workers, the people and the country face, of mobilisation and demand for their solution, of defence and affirmation of its ideal and liberating project .
To this effect, the PCP will hold hundreds of actions of contact with the workers and the population during the next week , which will be crowned in the morning of March 6, Saturday, with an action focused on the workers of the companies that are working on that day.
The PCP will distribute a leaflet in which it reaffirms its everlasting commitment as a workers' Party, the Party that is at their side every day and whose project is inseparable from their interests and aspirations for a better life, of liberation from all forms of exploitation and oppression.

On March 2, the PCP promotes a "Tribute to the heroes fallen in the struggle" where it will evoke the dozens of communist militants, men and women, workers, working people, intellectuals and artists who fell in the struggle, murdered by the fascist dictatorship, or, already after April 25, 1974, in resistance to the counter-revolution and in defence of the achievements of the April Revolution.

On March 4, a special edition of “Avante!”, the central organ of the PCP, will be published, which will include a supplement and a poster referring to the Centenary.

Flags of the PCP will also be mounted, murals will be painted and banners referring to the Centenary will be placed in various places of the country.

Saturday, March 6, the day of its Centenary, the PCP promotes 100 actions under the name "100 years, 100 actions" / "Freedom, Democracy, Socialism - For rights, improvement of living conditions and social progress. Against exploitation and impoverishment “.
The PCP will take to the streets the demand for a policy that responds to the problems, the aspirations and demands of the workers and Portuguese people, for a patriotic and left-wing alternative, for an advanced democracy, for socialism.
On March 6, Jerónimo de Sousa, General Secretary of the PCP, will speak in the action that will take place in Lisbon and which will be preceded by a parade of one hundred PCP and Portuguese Communist Youth (JCP) militants in places linked to the history of the struggle of the PCP, of the workers and Portuguese people.