Release from the PCP Press Office

Joint Appeal for the 2019 elections to the European Parliament «For a Europe of the workers and the peoples»

The Portuguese Communist Party and other communist, progressive and left parties launch a Joint Appeal for the elections to the European Parliament under the motto «For a Europe of workers and peoples».

This initiative, which gives continuity to the Common Appeals for the European Parliament elections since 1999, is an important moment of convergence, for which the PCP has gave an important contribution, in affirming the possibility and necessity of a profound rupture with the policies of the European Union – with neoliberalism, with militarism and with the concentration and centralization of power in the directorate of large powers – and of another course for Europe that puts the workers and peoples, not the major economic and financial interests, at the centre of policies.

The Common Appeals process has made a serious contribution to the affirmation and continuity of the Confederal Group of the European United Left / Nordic Green Left (GUE / NGL) in the European Parliament as a confederal space of cooperation, that gives voice to the struggles of the workers and peoples, to affirm a clear alternative to the right-wing and social-democratic policies, and to reinforce the struggle for a Europe of cooperation between sovereign states with equal rights, of social progress and peace.

The Common Appeal has been subscribed so far by the following political forces: Portuguese Communist Party, German Communist Party, The Left (Germany), Austrian Communist Party, Workers’ Party of Belgium, Communist Party Bohemia Moravia (Czech Republic), Progressive Party of the Working People (Cyprus), Communist Party of Denmark, Communist Party in Denmark, Communist Party of Spain, United Left (Spain), United and Alternative Left (Spain), Anova - Nationalist Brotherhood (Spain), Communist of Catalonia, Communist Party of Finland, French Communist Party, Italian Communist Party, Party of the Communist Refoundation - European Left (Italy), Communist Party of Luxemburg and Communist Party of Malta.

The PCP considers that the elections to the European Parliament constitute an important opportunity to, through the strengthening of the CDU, affirm the need and the possibility of a rupture with the course of inequality, dependence and national abdication imposed on the country and on the Portuguese people, and to open the way to a patriotic and left-wing alternative that stand up the submission to the Euro and the impositions of the European Union, and to recover for Portugal the instruments necessary for its sovereign development – this is the greatest contribution that the Portuguese people can make to a Europe of cooperation, social progress and peace.

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