Statement by Jerónimo de Sousa, Secretário-Geral, May Day Demonstration

It's necessary the general increase in wages

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Our participation and reason for being here, naturally in solidarity with the worker’s struggle, but in particular with this important demand of CGTP-IN for a general increase in wages, namely the national minimum wage to 850€.

A need to restitute what is due to the workers and several sectors, corresponding to our evaluation of this new stage of the national political life, that when there were increases in wages, when they were unfrozen, the economy benefited, employment benefited, and small and medium businesses also saw, with the increase in the internal market, real possibilities of having work and also of creating more jobs.

From our point of view, that is the larger objective. Portugal cannot continue to live in poverty, with impoverished workers, with such low wages, with so many precarious jobs. Therefore, I would say the central, main objective is the need to increase all wages and, in particular, the national minimum wage.