«Interimperialist contradictions»

Translated "Avante!"article by Albano Nunes, Member of the International Department

“Imperialism, capitalism’s supreme stage”, Lenine’s most valuable work, at the beginning of the XX th century. Developed Marx’s analysis on the capitalist system. It ought to be revisited. Not because one ought to find prompt answers regarding the current complex and dangerous international situation of our present days, but otherwise, simply in order to help its understanding.

Since the passage of capitalism unto the monopolist stage, studied by Lenine, the world was confronted with deep changes. But the exploiter, oppressor, predator and aggressive capitalism nature, not but did not change as, instead, deepened, along with the huge capital centralization and concentration and the inter-imperialist contradictions, not only did not alleviate but emphasized the process, becoming sharper when the USSR disappeared.

À propos of the serious disturbance that the USA administration reactionary, nationalist and adventurous offensive with Wall Street support, of the military- industrial complex and the great multinationals of North-American origin, have been provoking among the great capitalist powers’ relations. A disturbance of diverse consequences, and on what regards NATO is , after all, driving unto a brutal increase of this aggressive alliance’s military potential, being an alibi for the European Union imperialist supranational nature reinforcement, and that involves serious contradictions( the fight for markets, raw materials, cheap working-force, technologic supremacy, geo-strategic positions) that had, during the recent G7 summit, a spectacular public expression and that with the trade war, unleashed by the Trump administration, although having China as the main target, became deeply serious.

As Lenine predicted, monopoly and capital internationalization (“globalization”), does not overturn, instead, sharpens inter-imperialist contradictions. Considering the cooperation-rivalry binomial, that features imperialism great centres relationship, but carries on highly active, against workers and peoples. As proved by the recent European Union and NATO summits, the great capitalist powers, each one at their manner, are in the whole committed in an anti-democratic, security and militarist drift, that trivializes racism and the far-right , building walls, spreading military bases and intervening militarily worldwide, wherever their interests ought to be jeopardized.

Imperialism, justifiably, fears the inevitable social and revolutionary explosions, to which their policy inevitably drives to. Meanwhile, capitalism structural crisis deepening and the USA pretension in preserving, at all cost, a world-wide hegemony ,that is running out from their control, is making contradictions sharper and more visible, that always existed, but inherent to capitalism’s own nature, bringing about serious conflicts in its bulge. One ought to recall the indescribable tragedies the XX century two World Wars signified. One ought to reinforce the struggle against imperialism, against war, unto Peace.

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