Statement by Carlos Carvalhas, General Secretary of the PCP

Great victory of the Timorese people

1. We hail the great victory of the Timorese people, of the National Council of the Timorese Resistance, which after 24 years of persistent and heroic struggle against the Indonesian occupant, confirmed at the ballot box its determined will to live in freedom and independence.

2. The result of the popular consultation is all the more significant and unequivocal, in that it was achieved in a context that was strongly conditioned by the terrorist actions of the so-called integrationist militias, which have been created, armed and supported by Indonesia.

3. The understandable joy for the victory of the people of East Timor coexists, in our thoughts, with a profound concern for a situation in which new suffering for the Timorese people is to be feared.

4. We therefore raise our voice to demand an end to the actions of destabilization and the violence carried out by the militias, as well as their prompt disarmament and dissolution.

We raise our voice to demand the liberation of Xanana Gusmão and all political prisoners, the return of the exiles, respect for democratic freedoms.

We raise our voice to demand from the United Nations and the international community the firmest pressure on Indonesia, so that it respects its commitments in the New York agreement.

We raise our voice to demand from the United Nations all necessary steps to ensure the freedom, the security and the lives of the Timorese people and to discourage, foil and punish any acts of retaliation and revenge by those forces that were defeated in the referendum.

We raise our voice to call for the continuation, in Portugal and in the world, of the solidarity movement with Timor, so that the sovereign will of its people may be fully respected and implemented.

5. In this moment of joy, but also of vigilance, the PCP reaffirms to the Timorese resistance, to the National Council of the Timorese Resistance, to FRETILIN, to the heroic Timorese people, the eternal solidarity of the Portuguese Communists.

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