Statement by Paulo Raimundo, General Secretary of the PCP, March for the right to health care «More SNS, better health»

A great mass action demanding access to health care and defense of the National Health Service

This was a large mass action, demanding better conditions. People are here today, and in Oporto, and this morning in Coimbra, in great force, demanding access to health care. There are 1.6 million people without a family doctor: this is a problem of great dimension. The problem of retaining professionals in the National Health Service, valuing the National Health Service, ensuring that everyone has access to medical care – this is what we need a response to, not other matters with which we are merely wasting time, this is what demands solutions.

This year marks the year in which more public money (about 40% of the total State Health Budget) was transferred directly to the [private sector and] business of disease. This is  the reality.

So we are witnessing a great demonstration of discontent by the population. We will continue to support these actions and the government cannot remain indifferent to what is happening here today, to what has happened before and will continue to happen.