"Good news from Korea"

Translated "Avante!"article by Albano Nunes, Member of the International Department

There exist motives for hope in the Peninsula of Korea. The DPRK’s initiative, to open up a dialogue between the North and the South, currently with a government in office, that does not follow Trump’s bellicose drift, is a political fact of the greatest international importance. The simple fact of the meeting between both countries’ delegations, in default and against the USA opinion, and deciding to proceed with the conversations on issues that go beyond the Winter Olympic Games, is a defeat for North-American imperialism, that with its criminal arrogance and contempt regarding the destiny of the people of Korea and international security, has done all to impede the Korea reunification, deliberately nurturing a highly dangerous focus on tension and war.

There are motives for hope , but one ought not to ignore the complexity of a situation starting by an aggression war, the USA always refused to stop, not only by denying the signing down of a peace agreement and by installing powerful military forces in South Korea, including nuclear weapons, and by provoking the DPRK, with regular gigantic aero-naval manoeuvres. Former conversations, and hopeful détente and cooperation agreements always suffered imperialism and South Korea right-wing sabotage, prove the progress and peace forces ought to be prepared to confront a tumultuous process and violent misinformation campaigns. Imperialism and international reaction ought not to drop their arms. What is in stake and concerning the USA world hegemony strategy, Trump being an adventurous dangerous performer, has nothing to do with the real problem of nuclear proliferation and highly overpasses the Korean Peninsula. The 1950/53 war, the imposition of a dictatorship in Seoul, and the North-American military occupation in the south of the country, are the result of the “ communism contention” doctrine directed against the USSR and the popular Republic of China, and founded in 1949.

Currently, the aggressive political content is the same: gigantic weapon trading, the Pacific imperialist militarization, support to Japanese militarism, confrontation with China’s growing economic and political role, at both regional and worldwide level.

Therefore, it is necessary to hold a great critical vigilance concerning the Peninsula of Korea situation evolution, and never forget that, independently from undesirable long speeches on bellicose rhetoric, the responsibility of the dangerous tension in the region is North-American imperialism, refusing to give any security guarantees and permanently threatens the DPRK. But, from now on, there is a major and uttermost lesson. Even amid an international force correlation, that, with the socialist field defeat, carries on being unfavourable to social progress and peace forces, it is possible to resist to the dominant capitalist system most reactionary policies and impose setbacks and defeats of great importance. In reality, and as in Latin America, imperialism currently holds important powerful economic, political and military means in order to recuperate lost positions. But resistance, workers and peoples struggle , together with the communist parties strengthening and the anti-imperialism front, will win.