Statement by Paulo Raimundo, General Secretary of the PCP, May Day Demonstration

The general wage increase is a national emergency

This remarkable mobilization happens because the workers, who produce wealth (they are the ones who create wealth, they are the ones who make society work, the economy work) are then confronted with this brutal injustice: economic groups increasingly concentrating more profits (even in a scandalous way), and as for the workers, they are left with crumbs. This cannot be. The general wage increase is a national emergency, it is a fair demand from the workers who are not asking for too much: they are asking for respect, dignity and wage increases, which is fundamental to respond to the problems they face today, namely the cost of living.

May is alive, May has strength and the claim of these people is fair, regardless of age. We are here demanding more wages, we are here demanding better living conditions, but we are also here demanding better pensions. The general increase in pensions with immediate effect and retroactive to January. That is why this demonstration has this huge dimension: the size and diversity of ages and the determined and confident way. The force that is here on the streets today is a force that will continue to demand and claim.