Statement by Paulo Raimundo, General Secretary of the PCP

Gathering for Peace in the Middle East and for the rights of the Palestinian People

This act is important because it is a symbolic act on the International Day of Solidarity with Palestine, but also to enable us not to forget what happened and is happening: the massacre of the Palestinian people. What a suffering people, with thousands and thousands of deaths in an unjust war. What we need to focus on today, taking into account today's situation, is to take advantage of the opportunity opened by this “humanitarian pause” so that this “humanitarian pause” turns into what is necessary, what is urgent, an immediate ceasefire, a true ceasefire, which progresses towards putting an end to the ongoing massacre.

And perhaps it is also the time to state another issue: this “humanitarian pause” that is underway proves that it is possible to dialogue, it proves that it is possible to open paths other than the paths of war to solve problems. It is important to take advantage of not giving ground to any manoeuvre of hypocrisy or cynicism that returns to the bombings, that returns to the massacre of the Palestinian people.

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