Release from the PCP Press Office

On the events in Palestine and Israel

The events that are unfolding in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are the result of decades of occupation and systematic disregard by Israel of the right of the Palestinian people to a sovereign and independent state, of permanent violation of all UN resolutions and international agreements on the Palestinian issue, the absence for many years of a real political process aimed at resolving the conflict with respect for the inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people.

Events that are inseparable from the escalation in the policy of occupation, oppression and provocation carried out by Netanyahu's far-right government and Israeli settlers, which is not only responsible for the worsening of the situation but is also leading to an increase in confrontation in the Middle East.

Those who allowed all agreements and resolutions to remain unfulfilled and violated, who made any prospect of a political solution to the conflict unviable, who connived with the occupation and oppression, the expansion of settlements, the blockade of the Gaza Strip, the imprisonment of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons, those who tolerated Israel's crimes and their escalation by the current far-right government, and only found words of condemnation for the Palestinian resistance, today have before them the consequences of their policies.

The responsibility for what is taking place must be found in those who never really sought peace in the Middle East, respecting the rights of the peoples.

Expressing its concern and worry about the escalation of the conflict, in particular its tragic consequences for the population, the PCP warns of the danger of its expansion, in a region already martyred by decades of occupation, war and subversion by the United States. of America, Israel, the NATO powers and the EU – whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine or Syria, among other examples –, which have spread death and destruction and produced millions of refugees.

When UN resolutions that provide for the creation of two states have yet to be fulfilled for decades, the PCP reaffirms the need for a political solution that guarantees the implementation of the right of the Palestinian people to a sovereign and independent state, with the 1967 borders and capital in East Jerusalem, and the materialisation of the right to return of refugees, in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions.

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