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On the elections in the United States of America

On the elections in the United States of America

The elections for President, as well as for the Senate and House of Representatives, in the United States of America have displayed the profound problems, contradictions and inequalities which permeate that country's society, and which are expressions of the deepening structural crisis of capitalism that affects in particular the world's biggest imperialist power.

The regrettable show of this election campaign has clearly evidenced the deterioration of the US political system, a fact that cannot be separated from the social crisis and the disillusionment brought about by the Obama Presidency among vast popular sectors, both internally and abroad, defrauding the hopes for change which had been falsely promoted.

Donald Trump's election as US President may deepen even further the reactionary and aggressive foreign policy of the USA, which has been carried out by successive US Administrations, and in which the defeated candidate was a prominent figure. It is therefore of the utmost importance to intensify and broaden the struggle for peace and against imperialist interference and aggressions, namely those carried out by US imperialism.

The PCP expresses its solidarity with the Communists, the progressive sectors and forces of the USA, who continue the struggle for social justice, democracy, progress and peace, exposing the true nature of a system of power that counters the interests of the workers and the people of the USA.

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