Release from the PCP Press Office

On the elections in Angola

The PCP congratulates the MPLA on the victory in the general elections held on August 24, with the election of a majority of MPs in the National Assembly and of João Lourenço as President of the Republic of Angola. A result that, in the complex conditions in which these elections took place, expresses the recognition by the Angolan people of the historical path and key role of this political force in the conquest of national independence, in the defence of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Angola in the face of aggression by the apartheid regime, in the conquest of peace and national reconstruction of their country.

The PCP warns about attempts to question the electoral process by those who, in view of their defeat, and similarly to previous situations, do not accept the sovereign will, freely and democratically expressed by the Angolan people.

The PCP denounces the operations of interference that, from Portugal, seek, once again, to promote destabilisation in Angola.

The PCP expresses its best wishes of success for the Angolan people on the path to materialising the ideals that are at the source of the liberating path started in 1961, by overcoming problems and difficulties and building a sovereign Angola, of peace, development and social progress. .

The PCP affirms the commitment of the Portuguese communists to the development of friendly relations between Portugal and Angola, in the interests of the Portuguese and Angolan peoples and in the cause of peace and cooperation among all the peoples of the world.