«Economic terrorism»

Translated "Avante!"article by Luís Carapinha, Member of the International Department

The USA “ hardest sanctions” against Iran came into force, widening other precedent discriminatory measures regarding the international agreement on the 2015 Iran nuclear programme, sealed by the UN Security Council 2231 resolution. An agreement from which the USA withdrew unilaterally, in May last, under the false pretext of Iran’s default, confirming the North-American imperialism track record in not honouring its word and breaking up compromises. The new sanction round is essentially targeted on crude exports and the financial sector. Washington has the purpose to low down unto zero Iranian oil vending trade and therefore asphyxiate Teheran’s economy. One ought to underline its insulting extraterritorial application regarding the threat of inflicting punishment for any company or country that ought to transgress the USA demands, hypocritical sweetened with the temporary suspension of trade interdiction of Iranian oil with eight countries, including China (and Taiwan…), India, Japan and Turkey, but excluding the EU great powers. The sanction list does not run out the “ maximum pressure” packet on Iran, that includes other subversive and support measures to home rising. In other words, economic terrorism exploitation, as part of state terrorism arsenal.

International law violations avalanche along with the trampling underfoot of the United Nations Charter principles proves the White House does not stop using its means to force its purpose of a change of “regime” and therefore install a vassal power in Iran or, instead, its territorial division promotion. The very same sinister agenda that led unto the Iraq invasion, chaos within Libya and the terrorist war that currently persists in Syria, although it is clear that the objectives of the imperialism operation in this country were not successful (with the help of Iran). The Palestine occupation by the Zionist power carries on and has opened a war front in Yemen, amid incredible atrocities and a disastrous humanitarian situation. The infamous Great Middle East plan is in stake, supported by the USA-Israel-Saudi Arabia triangle and the battle for both resources control and geopolitics within the complex region. One ought never to forget, the 1953 CIA coup, in particular, that threw down prime-minister Mossadegh, in order to revert Iran’s oil nationalization, having extended, for decades, the Emperor of Iran’s dictatorial power. Currently what is in stake is not the Iran regime nature but the principle of peoples sovereignty and the international law basic rules.

Iran promises to resist. For different reasons, Russia, China and the EU agree in rejecting the sanctions and keep up their support regarding the nuclear agreement. Trump and the current administration seem to be focused to attack all for the sake of the North-American supremacy and exceptionality. A very dangerous game for the world. Contrarily to the conjuncture performance, under doping effects, the United States economy, Washington’s unrestrained offensive is a sign of weakness. The armaments spiral, the reactionary drift and the use of extreme and exception measures are part of the rehearsed answer unto capitalism structural crisis new phase, upon the 2007/8 great recession and to the relative decline trajectory. In which the USA public debt, of over 20 billion dollars, increasing on average about 100 thousand million dollars /per month, is an authenticable tickling time-bomb.

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