Translated "Avante!"article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

Including the current last minute hint of exaggeration, pressures were not sufficient to overcome difficulties and disagreements within the European Counsel, in June 28/29th last. Nevertheless, if it were to be an error to ignore such reality and of what proves the worsening of the European Union contradictions, it would equally not be correct to diminish the reach of the onerous consensus, that also took place.

Although hermetic and coded, what was presented on the “Economic and Monetary Union” (EMU) maturation – regarding discrepancies ( as the “Euro Zone budget) , and the consensus ( on the “Bank Union” or the “European Stability Mechanism”) –represents a serious insistence in the reinforcement of imposing policies on the economic and political domain of the great powers and the transnational capital, which are in the core of the growing social inequalities and the divergence among member countries.

On the carrying on with the fraud of the “convergence” or the illusion of the “risk partnership” amid the EU, each new “step” unto the EMU deepening is, an even more suffocating and severe restriction unto sovereignty and states development – as in Portugal -, along with the irreducible emptying, usurpation and control by 3rd parties, of all sovereign instrument concerning economic policy, by exposing the country to more impositions and conditionings , a situation of permanent plunder, economic dependence, and political subordination.

If there were any doubts, regarding the “ EMU” benevolence interests, the EU budget priorities proposal for 2012/2027 ought to inform any reluctant “believer”: less amounts for the so-called “ economic and social cohesion”; more available sums according to the great economic and financial groups’ interests, namely the great powers; more amounts for the creation of a so-called EU “ boarder control police force” and banishment and contention of immigrants and refugees amid third countries; as well as, more sums for militarism, run to armaments, interventionism and war.

Alias, it was re-affirmed that amid the European Counsel, the myriad of decisions concerning the EU militarization increment , as a NATO European pillar and a complement of the latter, the association of a complement of initiatives, such as, the military intervention force proposed by France, with Germany, United Kingdom and Italy (even if stepping out from the EU), among other countries’ support – a drift and bellicose dynamics, the PS government , together with the PSD and the CDS, ties down and binds Portugal, placing the country under the imperialist great powers rule.

Amid a situation, in which the inter-imperialist contradictions grow – one ought to underline that the extra-territorial North-American sanctions against Iran’s character, and that hit the EU great powers; the imposition of trade tariffs between the USA and the EU; or even the recent G7 episode -, the USA and the EU unite and join, round a same aggressive agenda, at the NATO summit ( July 11/12 th, next), in Brussels, a most serious threat to peoples and peace, throughout the world.

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