Statement by Francisco Lopes, Member of the Political Commission and Secretariat of the Central Committee, CGTP-IN demonstration, Lisbon and Porto

«The demonstrations in Lisbon and Porto are already the largest mobilisation of the last two years»

This demonstration here in Lisbon, like the one in Porto, already represents the largest mobilisation of the last two years and shows that the workers do not accept the deterioration of wages, the deterioration of pensions, the attack on public services, while at the same time there is an amassing of billions of euros in the profits of economic groups, multinationals, with dividends that largely leave the country. And just as the workers do not accept it, the PCP also does not accept this deterioration of the living conditions, wages, pensions and public services. And when a general increase in salaries was needed and still is needed, a general increase in pensions that restores purchasing power and that values ​​salaries and pensions, what we are facing imposed by big capital and the PS Government with the State Budget and with the Social Dialogue Agreement, is exactly the opposite: further worsening of living conditions, cuts in wages, pensions (deterioration of the purchasing power), and attack on public services and once again, in an unfounded and unacceptable manner, billions of euros of tax freebies and incentives for large economic groups.

Inflation harms the workers and the population, but the rise in prices does not simply vanish, this money goes precisely to large economic groups and multinationals (of food, energy, large retail). Therefore, the increase in social injustice is not acceptable under any circumstances, and even more so in this specific situation. That is why our presence, the presence of the PCP delegation at this demonstration, is a reaffirmation of our commitment to the workers and their struggle, to protest against this unacceptable course, but also of confidence that it is possible to defend and improve living conditions, that it is possible to ensure a developed Portugal, a fairer Portugal, a sovereign Portugal. This is the message that we bring here and above all this is the message that these thousands of workers here bring us: it is a sign of strength and it is a sign of hope in these very turbulent times, in these times of so many difficulties.