«Defending peace!»

Translated "Avante!"article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

The Washington falcon exalted reaction, readily followed by its war proclaimers worldwide, before Donald Trump’s announcement on the withdrawal of thousands of North-American soldiers that illegally occupy round 30% of the Syria territory exposes the aggression carried out by the USA and its multiple allies against this Middle East country.

Upon having supported directly or indirectly the terrorist groups creation that spread barbaria and destruction against the people of Syria, before and under the pretext of an imminent defeat of their hideous “production”, the USA and its allies – United Kingdom, France or Israel – incremented their direct military intervention within Syria, continuing to violate the United Nations Charter and international law, disrespecting sovereignty, independence, unity and the Syria Arab Republic territorial integrity, by occupying militarily and illegally a part of its territory and holding the ambition of, ultimately, imposing its partition.

Amid the complex and intricate created situation, the withdrawal of the North-American troops, if to take place, ought to be the annulment of an important factor of political and military destabilization, the cause of impeding the advance of the negotiations, in progress – facilitated by the started process, in Astana – with the purpose of opening up the path of a political solution that but the people of Syria ought to sovereignly achieve. However, as proved by almost eight years of aggression against Syria, one ought to be en garde on the developments that will occur during the USA current manoeuver, that highlighted once again, fractures and contradictions amid the North-American establishment.

No illusions, the USA aggressive escalade, in its multiple forms – political, military, commercial, financial, diplomatic or ideological -, to which its allies, including NATO, although the contradictions, are associated, proceeds and represents the greatest threat peoples all over the world are currently confronted with.

The USA perform a dangerous weapon spiral, including nuclear weapons, before its decision to abandon the Intermedium Reach Nuclear Forces Treaty or its insistence in space militarization, which are associated. The USA announce the important increase in its military budget for 2019 and 2020., reaching round 1500 thousand million dollars for two years. The USA are amid the core of the greatest tension focus, destabilization and war, worldwide.

An aggressive multifaceted escalade pointed out strategically unto the Popular Republic of China and the Russian Federation, monitored against all the peoples and countries that defend and assert their rights, sovereignty, development and independence.

A bellicose strategy – reaffirmed by the USA and its allies’ rejection concerning the resolution proposal on the defense of the Intermedium Reach Nuclear Forces Treaty, presented by the Russian Federation during the United Nations General Assembly – and that places the demand of a wider convergence in the defense of peace, disarmament, namely nuclear, the right of peoples self-determination, sovereignty and independence of states, and solidarity with peoples’ victims of imperialism interference and aggression.

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