Contribution of the Syrian Communist Party

Dear Comrades

We appreciate the efforts made by the Portuguese Communist Party and the working group to prepare this successful Meeting, which is representing an important step towards rebuilding the International Communist Movement, on a more developed basis.
Our people and nations demanding the communist and the national liberation movements and working classes to unify again, and to restore their activities, to stand together in one line against the strong imperialist attack against the rights of the working people and the rights of nations in independence and sovereignty. But, on the contrary, the American
Imperialists are going back to the colonial regime, and send their troops to invade our Arab countries, as in Iraq and pushing Israel to invade Lebanon and to continue in occupying Palestine, and the Syrian height in Golan.
After 1990, and the collapse of the Soviet Union, so many believed that the American Imperialist will rule and dominate all over the world, and capitalism will remain as a sole model of development for all nations. What we see now, after 17 years, is something different:
first: capitalism did not resolve its crisis and contradictions, the internal and external ones. For that, the invasions and wars became its main instruments.
Second: the increasing strength of the revolution and the movements of the working class and national liberations all over the world.
Third :the growing up of new centres of power in different sides of the world, opposing the american domination on our earth in one way or another.
These three main factors, made this domination rather impossible.
1 am glad to say, here, that the Arab Liberation Movement, which our country, Syria, and its National Progressive Front is a part of it, have played an important role, in supporting the Lebanese National Resistance, including the brother Lebanese Communist Party, in defeating Israeli aggression on Lebanon, and, consequently, in defeating, the American projects and plans, in the Middle East, specially in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, where the Iraqi National Resistance against the US army is expanding day by day.
Our Party carne to some conclusion in its latest congress that took place a few months ago. These conclusions are as follows:
1- that imperialism did not change its targets and goals in the world and especially in the Middle East, mainly to dominate the natural resources, specially the oil. Our Arab countries possess 70% of the international resource of oil.
But the US imperialism changed its tactic. They now claim that they occupied Iraq to realize democracy, but everybody in the world acknowledged what is the nature and reality of their democracy, despite our Arab people in keen need for democracy, and to the economic development as well.
2- Practise proved that the best way to defeat the imperialist aggression is establishing the national fronts among communists, the nationalists, patriots and the de4mocratic forces, and even with the enlightened religious forces regardless the difference in ideology and on the basis of opposing imperialists. Now the main contradiction is against imperialism.
3-The slogan that ideologists of capitalism uphold everywhere and explain it a matter of fact is the changing of the progressive and socialist regimes, as happened, in the Soviet Union. But we have learnt the lesson. The reform we need is to support the progressive contents of any and not to decrease its content.
The democracy, which we always need, is the one, which refreshes the movement of working classes and not to impose the new liberal trends, which lead to more poverty and dependency.
In our country Syria, there are strong pressure and temptations to change the policy from inside after failure in changing it through external pressure. They offer us the joining in Euro-Syrian partnership, and press on our government to privatise the main state establishments.
The Europeans and the new bourgeoisie in Syria realised some successful steps, but the main keys and power of the Syrian economy still are within the hand of the state.
Our struggle, besides the trade-unions and peasants organisations, is playing an important role in stopping the new liberalism, but the national and patriotic policy of Syria constitute the main obstacle against the rightist trend in the country.
4- We notice that some trends, even in some communist and socialistic parties, are ignoring the aggressive features of imperialism and new-liberalism, and exaggerating some mistakes in the previous socialist countries, specially the shortage of democracy and individual incentives.
We call those not to forget that the correction of some mistakes in the socialist system should not be done on the account of socialism itself, which is able to be corrected from inside the regime.
We should not forget the dictatorship nature of capitalism, calling all the time to develop the situation in our parties, creating more and more democratic atmosphere.
Life proved that marxism leninism is the greatest ideology in the history of mankind, and its main achievement is the dialectical methodology and historical materialism, which impose on us to develop it according to our local and national circumstances, and to avoid the dogmatic tendencies, and to learn from the lessons from history without forgetting the fundamentals of scientific socialism.
Let us strengthen the relationship among our parties, because the working classes and the liberation movements all over the world are still trusting and waiting for us.



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