Translated "Avante!"article by Ângelo Alves, Member of the PCP Political Committee

The international situation recent developments, are an insightful proof of its volatility and complexity. The major imperialist powers or blocks (USA, Japan and European Union) proceed with their threat, aggression, interference , pressure and blackmail outline features, driving the world unto a growing destabilization. Such trends are developed within a framework of various contradictions, generating others amid a more and more complex international situation.

The most recent developments in the Korean Peninsula, express the genuine volatility and contradictions. Inserted in a framework, in which the USA bet to stake, to the maximum, tension, threatening the Democratic Popular Republic of Korea with “fire and fury”, the turn of the year, marked by the decision of both Koreas, giving mutual signals of dialogue and initiate bilateral direct conversations. The USA / South Korea military exercises are postponed and the ineffable Nikki Haley (1) releases an angry statement, with the purpose of devaluating the positive steps and maintaining all threats against the DPRK. One ought to await and see how the situation develops, but if the distension between both Koreas results, it ought to be another USA diplomatic defeat and other countries’ victory, those that, in the backstage, have worked to diminish the tension in the region.

Yet, the Iran developments point out another vision of the situation volatility and contradictions. Presumably, all popular demonstrations are to be related to a social situation, marked by huge inequalities and high unemployment, namely among young people, achieving a 24% rate. It is of some significance, that the demonstrations /protests come from society’s poorest sectors, as among organized workers, in other words, they emerge from those who are being more fustigated with the consequences of the economic liberalization policies and sanctions imposed to Iran, under imperialism.

At the moment of a new Islamic Republic budget release, it is of some importance, that before the USA threats of breaking up the Nuclear Agreement, new and considerable prices increases are pointed out, namely gas and essential commodities. Under these conditions, it is not surprising that , in a country with deep traditions, concerning the workers movement and having experienced a popular, democratic and progressive revolution, 40 years ago, social protest movements have developed. As it is not surprising that the Iranian authorities reaction, in a country where the 1979 revolution was captured by a theocratic regime and where the historical communist Tudeh Party remains illegal, up to the current days.

But why does Trump support the demonstrators? Why was the Security Counsel meeting forced to take place? The answer is the old strategy of the Arab Springs: monitor real problems, or created by imperialism itself, in order to carry out interference operations and “change of regime”, as in Libya and Syria. Trump is not concerned with the Iranian people, nor with their rights. Instead, he is concerned to stifle that people and neutralize Iran and its opposition against imperialist plans in the Middle East. The PCP is solidary with the people of Iran, in the struggle for their rights and life conditions, and it is exactly for that reason, it denounces the renovated attempts of the USA interference, by defending the respect for that country’s sovereignty and independence.

(1) USA Ambassador at the UN.

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