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On Catalonia and developments concerning the nationalities issue in Spain

On Catalonia and developments concerning the nationalities issue in Spain

The PCP stresses that the nationalities issue in Spain has to be viewed taking into account the complexity of Spain’s history and of its current reality.

This issue must be addressed – specifically in Catalonia – with respect for the will of Spain’s peoples, including of course the Catalan people.

The Spanish Government’s attitude – based on intolerance, authoritarianism, coercion and repression – is thoroughly reprehensible.

The PCP considers that an escalation of faits accomplis is a worrying, uncertain and dangerous development, that clears the road for the unacceptable and reprehensible procedure that is being spearheaded by the Spanish government – concerning not just the current situation, but also broader issues such as for example its “Gag Law” (“Ley Mordaza”) which is an attack against fundamental political and democratic freedoms.

It is obvious that, under cover of the current situation, reactionary nationalist values are being promoted, and Francoist fascist circles – who oppressed Spain’s peoples for decades – are being energised.

The PCP calls attention to the machinations of some circles, who are seeking to shirk responsibility for their class-based policies against labour and social rights by stirring up nationality feelings.

Ongoing events are making it clear that a solution to nationality issues in Spain must be sought through a political solution, as part of wider-ranging approach that will guarantee social rights and other democratic rights for Spain’s workers and for Spain’s peoples – including the Catalan people.

This is the PCP’s stance. It differs from the stands taken by the Portuguese Government and by the President of the Republic – which do not include respect for the will of peoples in this situation.

Concerning the methods being used to assert Catalonia’s national feelings – in particular the declaration of independence that was made – the PCP is not commenting on it in specific terms. In general terms, we do consider that an escalation of faits accomplis is a worrisome development.

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