"On the brink of disaster"

Translated "Avante!"article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

The alleged poisoning campaign round Skripal, the spy, has collapsed. Soon after, a new campaign, on the supposed “Syrian government chemical weapons attack” took place. These are the war party lies, that open up the path unto new aggressions, wars or “changes of regime”. Several Israeli ministers, with Palestinian blood-soaked hands, openly demand, for a USA military attack against Syria (in Jerusalem Post, 2018.04.08). Israel launches cruise missiles over that sovereign country, that occupies the Mount Golan territory, for half a century. Trump threatens, supported by May and Macron. The parade is currently highly dangerous. There exists the danger of a catastrophic adventure, of the direct confront among the planet’s greatest nuclear powers, provoked by the imperialist old powers despair before their insurmountable systemic crisis, its decay and loss of economic, political and military hegemony, along with their defeat within Syria and other fronts.

Propaganda has never been rational, nor based on facts. It ought not to explain why the Syrian government would have used chemical weapons at Damascus outskirts, at a time it has liberated over 90% of the territory and was negotiating the last stronghold rendering. Nor why Putin would have wanted to assassinate an English spy, the Russian government released in 2010, by using a chemical weapon, suposingly issued from Russia , instead of a simple gun ( that would have less possibility of being identified, and ought to have been more efficient: the spy and his daughter are alive, after all). Or why, with no apparent reason, all these facts would have occurred a few days before the Russian presidential elections, he being a candidate, and three months before the World Football Championship, his country will host. All seems a provocation, set up by those who invent pretexts for a war.

The imperialist powers chemical weapons’ use has a long and appalling record.. It includes the use of chemical weapons by the British against the Bolshevik Russia, in Summer 1919, under Winston Churchill’s order (in The Guardian, 2013.09.01). And the large scale use of chemical weapons, by the USA ( as the Orange Agent) during its genocide wars, in Southwest Asia. Even currently, children are born deformed, as a result of the effects. The Anglo-American-Israeli current hysteria on the alleged use of chemical weapons holds an unlimited hypocrisy.

The people and government of Syria’s real “crime” is to have achieved resistance with success, with the help of its Russia, Iran and Lebanon allies, against one more imperialist aggression war. To be liberating Syria and defeating the fundamentalist terrorist sinister bands, that, imperialism covers, for many years, with the help of the most barbarous Middle East dictatorships ( always supported by “ Western democracies”) and the Zionist state, that undertakes massacres, with impunity, against the Palestine martyr people. Before the servants defeat, the leaders rise their rage.

Vigilance is urgent, before the danger of war supporters’ huge provocation, who consider Humanity, as Lieberman , the Israeli minister of Defence stated, on the Palestinian he has massacred: “ no innocents, within the Gaza Strip” (in Times of Israel, 2018.04.08).

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