«Biological weapons»

Translated "Avante!" article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

Science, the renowned scientific magazine, published an editorial highlighted article (2018.10.05) of German and French researchers on the danger the research programme “Ally Insects”, in process for two years, is in reality a USA programme for the development of a new and appalling form of dissemination of biological weapons. The programme is financed by the DARPA, the USA military agency for Defence Projects in Advanced Research, and has the objective “to spread infectious virus, genetically modified, programmed to alter the culture chromosomes, directly on the fields”.

Although the mentioned programmes are pacific, the authors state that” the programme ought to be considered by some as an effort to develop biological agents with hostile objectives, as well as its dissemination means, and if- being true – ought to be a violation of the Convention on Biological Weapons”. The authors highlighted the use of insects as a form of dissemination making it difficult to control the effects in struck areas, a fact they consider to be incompatible with non-hostile objectives.

Meanwhile, a Georgian State Intelligence ex-minister revealed 100 thousand page documents, in his possession, stating the Richard G. Lugar Center for Public Health, an USA instalment in Georgia, hid a Pentagon biological weapon lab (in Sputnik News, 2018.09.16). The Russian ministry of Defence informed it was analysing the documents.

The general, responsible for the Russian troops security against radiological, chemical and biological attacks, stated the referred lab is “ part of a vast network of labs under the Pentagon control, involved in research on mass destruction weapons, created in Russia neighbour countries”(RT, 2018.10.05). He considered the mortality amid that instalment and mentioned in the documents ( 73 people in a short time), is incompatible with the drugs and medication presumably being tested. He added the documents oblige to “look again” into the outbreak of the African swine fever, that hit, “the south of Russia, European countries and China” in the last years, and “spread beyond Georgia” . Serious verbal threats in the last days ought to be mentioned. Ryan Zinke, a Trump administration member, and a Navy ex-commander of the USA special forces (Navy Seals) threatened Russia with a blockade: “The USA detains the capacity with the help of our Navy, to ensure the maritime routes ought to be clear, and if necessary, to block them in order to guarantee that [Russia] their energy does not reach the markets”. (in Washington Examiner, 2018.09. 28). A statement in conflict with international law, geography and mental sanity. A few days later, the USA Ambassador for NATO threatened to impede Russia of developing a new class of missiles, with military actions (in The Guardian, 2018.10. 02).

The Peace Convention, in national context, taking place in Loures, on Saturday next, is necessary and timely.

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