"Bellicose NATO(s)"

Translated "Avante!"article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

The NATO Summit, once again, publically revealed the heavy contradictions and disputes, among the old imperialist powers. It is not a secondary fact, nor a mere problem regarding people and tantrums: the earthquake in process, holds deep objective basis.

It reflects the very deep capitalism crisis. It reflects the capital reproduction mechanisms breakdown and the consequent dispute increase over the, yet, available profits. It reflects the inexorable economic gravity centre displacement from the Euro-Atlantic unto the East. It reflects the USA’s economic and financial decade decline, also in confront with the EU, along with its military power. The Trump diatribe against Germany and the pipeline that ought to link it to Russia, underlined the issue, far from the unsubstantial talk on “values” or “ defence”, power and business are jeopardized, highlighting energy and armament. It was always this way. The only difference is that the rebukes in public were directed (by all) regarding “the obstinate countries”, currently hit the allies, on TV Live, over breakfast.

Contrarily to the G7 Summit, this time there was a final release. The unrealistic re-composition was based on the militarist escalade. The capital globalist faction attacks, against Trump were fierce. The Trilateral Wolf names him as “ a dangerous ignorant” (in Financial Times, 2018.07.10), “in war against the liberal world order” (in Financial Times, 2018.07.03). But in the moment of deciding, all side up with Trump, increasing military expenditures (public) in 266thousand million dollars, generating colossal profits (private).

Including the “ European values” EU. Including Tsipras and Costa. Before the rebukes, all approve a Final Statement, a monument to lies. NATO celebrated its 50 years with the war against Yugoslavia, violating International Law and the UN ( currently pre sided by the then Portuguese prime-minister, that gave his approval to that same war). It destroyed whole countries, as Libya. It supports the fascists’ action within Ukraine and Israel. The drug trade-terrorist Colombia became its associated member. Along the year, the NATO boss violated international agreements on Iran and Jerusalem. It shoots in all directions.
The companies that purchase Iran’s oil, ought to be impeded to access the USA market ( in New York Times, 2018.06.26). But the NATO Statement has the audacity to begin by proclaiming that “the aggressive Russia actions, including the threat and the use of force to achieve political objectives” that “ challenge the Alliance and mine the Euro-Atlantic security and the international order based in rules”. The delirium becomes absurd when proclaiming that “ our unity and solidarity are currently stronger than ever”. The European Commission president (!) before the just closing dinner was not out of step, after all, in this Summit’s grotesque farce.

But this issue is greatly serious. It is not only about the bellicose expenditure being robbed from the peoples. NATO always was an USA imperialism domination instrument , and militarism nurtures reaction ( external and internal) and war dynamics. The quarrels among capitalist mafias, disputing territories and wealth, have produced world wars. Whoever thinks that to fight against the mafia, ought to pay tribute, is mistaken. It is urgent to demand: stop NATO!

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