“Anticommunism won’t pass!”

“Anticommunism won’t pass!”

Joint Statement of Communist and Workers’ Parties on Georgia and Kazakhstan

On the post-Soviet Union area the anticommunist hysteria is in full swing again. On the eve of the anniversary of the Soviet power execution in Moscow in 1993 a court in Kazakhstan has suspended the activity of the Communist Party.

A ridiculous pretext has been found by the ruling regime to actually ban the Communist party of Kazakhstan. It was the participation of the 1st Secretary of the CC CPK Gaziz Aldamjarov in a meeting of an unregistered non-governmental union of citizens. Before that a number of party activists have been subjected to police persecution. One of the leaders of regional party organizations Nurijash Abdrimova was sentenced to a heavy fine only because she dared to address the workers of “KasMunaiGas” company who went on strike.

 Suspension of the party activity is yet another act of outrageous tyranny on the part of Kazakhstan authorities. The semi-monarchic regime of Mr.Nazarbaev can’t tolerate the only opposition force in the country, which forms the class awareness, courageously struggles against mass dismissals and impoverishment of the working people and consistently fights for the friendship among nations.

 Before that the parliament of Georgia upon the order of Mr.Saakashvili adopted a Law on persecution which says that former CPSU and Young Communist League members, as well as former employees of the Soviet Union institutions are banned to occupy state positions and to teach in the universities.
 We express our solidarity with the Communist Party of Kazakhstan and the United Communist Party of Georgia. We resolutely condemn the barbaric and cave-age anticommunism of the powers in Kazakhstan and Georgia!

Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Union of Communist parties-CPSU
Communist Party of Ukraine
Communist Party of Belarus
Party of Communists of Republic of Moldova
Communist Party of Armenia
Communist Party of Azerbaijan
Party of the communists of Kyrgyzstan
Communist Party of South Ossetia
Communist Party of Abkhazia
Transdnestrian Communist party


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