«America First»

Translated "Avante!"article by Albano Nunes, Member of the International Department

The North-American administration insolent and threatening statements, jeopardizing the détente perspectives, regarding the Korea Peninsula, prove that Trump and his administration incredible and erratic behaviour is nothing more than an original (and disturbing for many) expression of the USA highly dangerous reactionary and bellicose drift. Along the super-power different administrations policy there were always nuances related with the president’s personality and Congress majority direction, although “Republicans” and “Democrats” are both sides of one same party. The “White House” being swarmed with the Pentagon and Tea Party notorious falcons, is an important fact. However, what is crucial is the class nature and the logics of a power that seeks to dominate the world, an objective the USA proceed since World War II, even when they had to withdraw the claws before achievements, as the strategic military parity by the socialist field, along with the peoples struggle strength and the peace movement. The criminal use of the nuclear weapon in Hiroshima and Nagasaki or even the “new world order” proclaimed by Bush, upon the USSR disappearance, are strong expressions of that objective. It is within this backdrop that Trump and his “America first” provocations ought to be considered.

If it were Hillary Clinton, the “war queen”, to be president, would the USA policy be otherwise? The answer to the capitalism structural crisis deepening ought to have been different, to the USA hegemony decline, to China’s international ascension or to the North-American people discontent and struggle (not to be underestimated)? Regarding the essential, certainly not. Trump holds a despicable personality and is a dangerous adventurer. But attention ought not to be concentrated in his outrages and provocations, but instead, in the real meaning and consequences of the USA home and external policy, being aware that – within a cleavage framework of the North-American dominant class and contradictions amid the imperialist field – what is in command, is the great financial capital, Wall Street, the Pentagon, the powerful industrial military complex. Trump’s burlesque behaviour greatly serves to facilitate and trivialize the far-right, racism, obscurantism and militarism advances.

The Trump administration most reactionary and aggressive decisions, do not rise ( at least currently) much controversial amid the putrid North-American elite or within the EU do not bring upon more than concern and mistrust, which is important. At the time when the unbridled run to armaments, unleashed by the USA, its colossal military expenditure, the bellicose revision concerning its military doctrine, explicitly targeting China and Russia as enemies, the nuclear weapons improvement and the threat of its use, in the first place, are a great danger for Humanity.

And that is reality, as that policy is the expression of a system that has the purpose to dominate the world, despite being weakened and historically condemned.

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