Release from the PCP Press Office

On the about-face of the PSD and the CDS in the consecration of the time of service

The statements by Rui Rio and Assunção Cristas confirm that the PSD and the CDS were driven not by the aim to respond to the right of counting the time of service of the workers of the special careers of the Public Administration but by mere criteria of calculism.

PSD and CDS adopted in the Parliamentary Commission a text that they again defended on Friday. The about-face now assumed by the PSD and the CDS confirms, as they had already revealed in the debate in the Commission, their refusal to consecrate the salary valorisation owed to the workers. The change of position by PSD and CDS, more than yielding to the PS Government’s ultimatum, shows the convergence of positions with the PS whenever it is necessary to maintain cuts.

The PCP will consistently pursue the intervention and the path for a solution that will respond to this and other aspirations of the workers and the people, without being conditioned by pressure.

The ultimatums and inconsistent pretexts of the PS for the resignation of the Government are not acceptable. For the PCP, what is required is to continue until the last day, the path of defence, restoration and achievement of rights that has been followed. The PCP will combat manoeuvres aimed at going backwards when what is needed is definitely to advance in responding to the problems of the workers, the people and the country.

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