«Yes-yes and nor-nor»

Translated "Avante!"article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

History proves, over and over again, that imperialism holds the right to impose its planetarium power by all means, wars, subversions, coups d’état, embargos ,atomic bombs, chemical weapons, concentration camps, torture, assassinations .Always “justified by mass destruction lies. For imperialism, sovereignty, the peoples’ desires and international law are mere obstacles, to be ignored if the force correlation allows. Trump’s administration, following its own style, makes it all look shameless and official. The hypocrite veil falls, revealing the true and eternal imperialism face.

The USA administration openly proclaims to consider a military intervention in Venezuela. By applying sanctions to military leaders that do not side up with the coup and threaten their families. The same concerning Cuba and Nicaragua. By Bolton’s voice, they call upon the Monroe doctrine (1823), that declared the western hemisphere as a USA backyard. It threatens to take Nicolas Maduro, the president elect and constitutional, of Venezuela unto the Guantanamo torture camp. It openly confesses “ for the USA, the great difference at economic level”, if it ought to take over the Venezuela oil (in Fox News,2019.01, 28).The country’s resources’ plunder has begun. Trump points out as target “socialism”, considered as all that does not submit to the USA great capital. What did not impede the PS and other EU governments of becoming active participants in the Venezuela coup attempt and plunder. This is the yes-yes policy, by slavishly obeying to across the Atlantic, even in prejudice of the country’s and the Portuguese interests. The BE, upon its alignment with the PS government , proclaims a nor-nor ,declaring not being “nor” with the aggressor “nor” with the victim (in Publico, 2019.03.01). It encourages the aggressor by isolating whoever resists.

A major example of the nor-nor policy was the bourgeoisie democracies treason towards the Spanish Republic, when, in 1936, General Franco unleashed the military coup and the war that had as an outcome the fascist victory. England and France, formerly democratic ( both with a Popular Front government), instead of giving their support to the constitutional and legitimate Spanish government, issued from the multiparty elections, proclaimed the non-intervention: an embargo to both sides, treating equally the victim and the plotter, and in reality, impeded and denied the possibility of purchasing weapons in its defense, whilst Hitler and Mussolini ensured the military support that ought to allow Franco to smash the popular resistance, with blood. The outcome is known: both England and France connivance did not spare the two countries from the fascist monster aggression, that their own dominant classes nurtured. A relevant lesson, in our days.

Do they not understand that Humanity lives one of the most dangerous times of its existence? A capitalist system in decay and with no perspectives ( within the USA and EU), threatens to destroy, in its rush to plunder. It removes fascism muzzle. Venezuela is not the only one. Imperialism has the objective of installing, among the peoples, the idea of a non-alternative, nor resistance, nor international legality. It is the imperialism nor-nor. And for the peoples, the only option is struggle, resistance and solidarity with those that resist. The rest are fallacies.

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