Speech by José Capucho, Member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee, XXth Congress of the PCP

Policy of Cadres

Policy of Cadres

Since the XIX Congress particular demands, new tasks and challenges occurred, along with intense activity that would not have been possible without the commitment, effort and dedication of thousands of Party cadres. And we endorsed a set of guidelines for developing, refining, correcting deficiencies, and raising Party policy to a new level. The Resolutions of the Central Committee, the Campaign “More organization, more intervention, greater influence - A stronger PCP” and the action of contacts with the members of the Party were decisive for advancing, overcoming weaknesses, for the affirmation of the Party and its struggle, to strengthen the organization and its identity.

The success of the Party's activity depends largely on its identity and on its political and programmatic objectives, which requires all those in charge and organizations to be constantly on the lookout for knowledge, the attribution of responsibilities , Integration in collective work, control of execution, attention to possible problems that personal life and party activity pose to the militants seeking an adequate and swift resolution, support the preparation, and training and development of the cadres to the needs of the Party.

It is fair to highlight the Party workers, politically and ideologically firm, with great availability, who in the scope of their tasks are an example of dedication, effort, work and dedication to the cause of the workers and the people. Integrated in collective work with equal rights and duties to all militants, Party workers play an indispensable role in the dynamization and direction of the organization and in all Party activity. Particular attention should be given to the cadres of employees, laborers and workers, particularly young people and women. Political, ideological, cultural and technical preparation must be encouraged and provided to the staff.

Among the main directions for reinforcement of the Party is the responsibility of new cadres, with the main concern of assigning tasks to those who stand out most in the workplace and in the struggle for their class spirit, courage, combativeness, honesty, modesty and abilities. Work to ensure the numerous fronts of work and to consolidate a solid and broad core ruling and energizing the whole Party and the struggle of workers and populations.

Accountability requires a greater degree of responsibility, redistribution of tasks, creation of new bodies, decentralization, closer coordination of management bodies at regional, local or sectoral level and grassroots organizations. Provide the most direct and effective contact with organizations and activists to broaden and involve the entire party collective in the implementation of the guidelines. Get to know more and more the thousands of Party cadres. Appreciate their commitment and dedication, even in tasks that may seem more “simple", such as regular contact with other comrades, the sale of Avante! and O Militante, the collection of quotas, tasks that need persistence, firmness, discipline and political and ideological awareness.

Knowledge and constant monitoring of cadres, attention to their problems and opinions, correct distribution of tasks, development of course work and political and ideological training and other forms of preparation should continue to be a concern in the work of the Party. Aligning with practical experience ongoing formation and theoretical preparation, encouragement to read and study the documents of the Party, Avante! and Militante, are an indispensable line that we must continue to promote. Since the XIX Congress, 31 courses and actions of political and ideological formation have been held in the Party's School, with the participation of some 620 comrades. And in the Regional Organizations 139 courses and actions of political and ideological formation were carried out, involving 2057 comrades.

The intensity, diversity of struggle, political action and initiative of the Party, revealing new cadres, place ever greater demands on political, ideological and specialization. To broaden and deepen the theoretical preparation of the cadres for the ideological battle and the political battles at the present time, promoting all the means at our disposal, reinforcing the programming, dissemination and participation in the courses and actions of political and ideological formation and promoting the study of the essential documents of the Party, its Program, the Statutes, the Congress Resolutions, the classics of Marxism-Leninism, the work of Álvaro Cunhal, the history of the Party and the Portuguese Revolution. Continuing and deepening the importance of the policy of cadres with their resources will ensure more solidly the future of our Party.

The Political Resolution proposal sets out a set of priority directions for the development of our work on staff policy. These are guidelines that should merit the reflection of the whole party group and the adoption of concrete measures that allow us to move forward.

The great strength and success of the Party comes from its political line, from its attachment to the interests of the working class and from all workers and national interests, from its ideology - Marxism-Leninism - from the proletarian internationalism of the just association of democratic centralism , responding to new situations and enriched by experience, aim at and simultaneously ensuring a profound internal democracy, a single general orientation and a single central direction, the collective elaboration of guidelines and tasks, the broad and fraternal solidarity and revolutionary coexistence.

And above all, we have thousands of militants deeply dedicated to the cause of the Party, to the interests of our people, to the cause of liberties, democracy and socialism.

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