Motion «The struggle for peace and international solidarity»

Motion approved unanimously by the XX Congress of the PCP

The offensive of imperialism spread the war and aggravated exploitation and poverty in the world.

From the Balkans to Afghanistan and Iraq, from Libya to Syria, from Ukraine to Yemen, the aggressive wars of the United States and its allies - and the criminal gangs at their service - sow death and destruction. Countries and regions - as is the case of the martyred Middle East - are devastated, their states destroyed and fragmented, their peoples massacred. Refugees from the wars, the devastation and the looting of imperialism are counted in numbers that are only paralleled in World War II.

The warlike and interventionist onslaught of imperialism is accompanied by a brutal attack on the economic, social and national levels, which destroys rights and conquests, increases levels of exploitation, harms the sovereignty of peoples and countries, subjecting everything to the law of profit, to the interests of the financial capital and transnational corporations.

War and looting are inseparable from capitalism, especially in its imperialist phase. One hundred years ago, the rivalries between imperialist powers in dispute for their planetary expansion led to the First World War. The communist movement emerged in the uncompromising fight against the imperialist war and against the system that generated it. The great October Socialist Revolution, whose centenary we marked in 2017, triumphed under the slogan “For Peace, Bread and Earth.”

For seven decades the Soviet Union was coherent in its policy of peace and disarmament, while remaining in solidarity with the struggles of workers and peoples for their social and national emancipation. It was the USSR and the Soviet people, with the active support of communists and anti-fascists from all over the world, who played the key role in defeating Nazi-fascism - this cruel instrument of war, and the imposition of terrorist domination of monopolies which, after the great world crisis of the capitalist system of the thirties of the last century, seemed unstoppable in its purpose of planetary domination, with the support of the ruling classes of various countries.

The Victory over Nazi-fascism opened a new phase for Humanity, a phase of social advances and national liberation, in which it was possible to preserve world peace, despite the permanent threats and localized wars unleashed by imperialism.
The disappearance of the USSR and the defeats of socialism in Eastern Europe have profoundly altered the global correlation of forces. Freed of constraints, the capitalist system has once more fully revealed its exploitative, oppressive, aggressive, and predatory nature. The United States and the powers of the European Union, with its armed wing, NATO, replaced the Charter of the United Nations with the law of force and war. But his offensive faces the resistance of the people.

The Portuguese Communists, faithful to its history and its principles, express their solidarity with the workers and people of the world who fight for their rights, sovereignty, peace, justice and social progress, towards socialism. Not confusing aggressors with attackers, nor killers with their victims, the PCP strives for the convergence of patriotic, progressive, revolutionary forces on a broad anti-imperialist front. The PCP stands in solidarity with the heroic Syrian people and all people who resist the interference and aggression of imperialism; with the martyred people of Palestine; with the Saharawi people; with the Cuban Revolution and the people of Latin America, now facing the counter-offensive coup; with the workers and people struggling in Europe and around the world; with those who are fighting for peace and the end of NATO. To all we state that they can continue to count on the solidarity of the Portuguese Communist Party.

Long live peace and international solidarity!

The fight goes on!