«The world and elections»

Translated "Avante!"article by Ângelo Alves, Member of the PCP Political Committee

A few days away from the European Parliament elections, and with no prejudice for the central issue – workers, people and the country’s’ interests defence – its time to give a glance at the international situation evolution.

The last developments worsen the great instability framework in which many dangers persist for workers, peoples and the world.

Equally they prove that a process of force rearrangement at world level carries on and develops with a huge repercussion all over the globe, to which the European continent is not obviously imune , on the contrary.

As stated many times, a far right-wing USA president election was not but the cause, but the consequence of a process, in progress, and holds its roots in the deepening of the capitalism structural crisis and in an answer of the dominant classes, centred in an increase of exploitation, militarism, interventionism and the deepening of the reaccionary and authoritarian nature of political power.

Donald Trump is accomplishing a performance in order to, before a more USA political power fascist drift, more bellicose and disrespecful towards international law, to contradict the USA decline trend, specially at economic level, and sustain, at all cost, its imperialist hegemonic domain, mainly in key-regions.

It is under these trends that one ought to read about the latest events such as the north-american Administration decisions on the Popular Republic of China. Beyond the decision of launching another “bomb” in trade negotiations, the USA advance in a growing confrontation on direction with the Popular Republic of China, both regarding the technology war, with Huawei prohibition, or other more general issues as the recent statements that have risen a civilization war theory, identifying that country as the great strategic enemy.

This imperialist strategy central element is inseparable from the events that took place in two key-regions, for the imperialist hegemonic domain: Latin America and the Middle East. Concerning Latin America, where the Brasil situation evolution proves the objectives behind Bolsonaro’s election, the coup attempt carries on in Venezuela. Before the fiascos succession, the venezuelan far right-wing becomes shameless and makes it public on the formal appeal towards the USA, in order to unleash the aggression. Cuba is a target of new forms of the blockade intensifying by activating the Helms-Burton law, chapter III. In the Middle East the USA decides, upon lightening Palestine’s situation, raise the bar to the maximum provocations unto Iran, with a number of threats, the performing of false banner operations and by launching two plane-carriers and other combat means, unto the region.

Reality is proving that the european union is not but a counter-point regarding this USA strategy, as it follows-up in its major aspects.

Options towards militarism and the far-right wing growth, place great concerns about the European Union role. Therefore, it is very important that these elections ought to reinforce the struggle for another Europe and world, and in Portugal, that means, to vote CDU.

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