by Jorge Cadima

Winds of war and the struggle for peace

Translated "Avante" article by Jorge Cadima, member of the International Department of PCP

Summer highlighted the dangers of war that threat Humanity. The world situation deteriorates, along with Trump’s military threats against Venezuela, North Korea and other countries; the USA and NATO manoeuvres and military presence along Russia and China’s boarders; the generalized sanction fury; a USA new escalade within Afghanistan (with Pakistan as an aim).

Half a century ago, Martin Luther King described his country as “ the greatest violence agent worldwide”. King ought to be assassinated soon after, and North - American imperialism violence did not cease to increase, particularly upon the disappearance of the counterbalance that the Soviet Union and the socialist field represented. Currently, Trump threats the whole planet with military interventions. The same occurred with Obama.

Contradictions are all over. Amid the North-American imperialism leader classes there exists a fierce confrontation, that but cools down in moments of affirmation of imperialist martialism. The relations among the USA and the European powers are publically considered as the worse since World War II, but agree when provoking Russia and attacking other states and peoples. The European Union lives in permanent crisis. All caused by the capitalism structural crisis. A crisis that had no resolve even with the extraordinary backups to the financial system, coming from the states’ central banks, backups that nurture untenable bubbles ( see the stock markets) and a financial system with no regard with the productive reality. Each time subventions decrease is put in practise, the castle of cards into which the “international financial system” became, trembles. And the generalized contradictions reflect the decline of the old imperialist powers ( regarding the USA risk to be explosive), before the emergency of new powers, underlining the apparent non-stop growth of China unto the greatest world economy position.

The dominant classes react before the brutal class exploitation increase and the imposition, by violence, of its planetarium hegemony. The inevitable consequence is authoritarianism growth , even amid the old bourgeois democracies, nurtured by the spreading of a mysterious terrorism, whose authors /performers are always linked to the intelligence and the dirty wars, patronized by imperialism. Authoritarianism, increases along with the peoples’ accelerated impoverishment policies that open up gaps regarding the ideological control on peoples ( even within the USA and the United Kingdom).
War always was the essence of imperialism. Currently, as in other crisis acute phases, “ the global war party” gains strength. But war is not inevitable. And it is in peoples’ hands to avert the catastrophe unto which the great capital is driving them, raising to defeat the masters of war and misery. Therefore, solidarity with all those that resist imperialism dictates, is important – in Venezuela and Syria, in Africa and Far East, and the countries within the imperialist centre. The struggle for peace and the struggle against imperialism are more and more inseparable. And urgent.

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