"Wake up"

Translated “Avante!” article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

The bombardments in Syria seemed to have appeased the USA leader class rivalries. What divided them was not Trump’s reactionary nature. But instead, the fear of the electoral promises of improving the relationship between the two greater nuclear powers. The “danger” of peace removed , “peace” emerged… among the masters of war.

One ought to suppose that Trump’s shameless bellicose nature would engender divergences. But the EU powers aligned. The Portuguese government shows “understanding”. Within our Parliament, successive opinions take place, holding two directions: against imperialism victims and receive the CDS, PSD, PS and BE favourable votes. One, on Syria, was approved on the very same morning the USA illegal bombardments took place.

Imperialist wars need lies. And greater the crime, greater the lie. As the real objectives are unconfessable. It was always like that. No lack of recent events. What is amazing is that who “self-proclaims “ to be “left-wing”, brings grist to the mill, concerning imperialist war crimes. And pretends to ignore. And, therefore, nurtures war and aggression policy.

Observe the campaign against North Korea ( NKDR) . Historical truth is incontestable. The number of foreign countries invaded by North Korea: zero. But aggressed countries by the USA, EU and NATO’s powers list, is too long for this column. It includes Korea itself, a victim between 1950 and 1953, a victim of one of the most criminal wars ever, killing four million people (in The Korean War, by Bruce Cumings). And during which, General MacArthur, ordained “ The destruction of all means of communication, installments, factories, towns and villages”. The greatest towns having been literally greatly destroyed, by the USA. Napalm and incendiary bombs were heavily used and the USA General Army Staff formerly proposed the atomic weapon use, not only in Korea, but against China, a country solidary with the people of Korea. What amazement when concerning the NKDR, looking at our current world and the destiny of countries that settled disarmament agreements with the USA (as Iraq, Libya), bets in its military systems development?

The bellicose campaign hinders a central objective: the South-Korean elections, on May 9th, called upon enormous popular protests, during the last months, and that threw down the USA puppet president. It is not “Russian propaganda”, but the Voice of America (2017.04.06) that confesses “ South Korea is away a month of a presidential election, that probably will have a dramatic change outcome concerning foreign policy, that ought to appease the tensions between the two Koreas, but on the other hand, ought to give place to new frictions among the USA alliance”. A great danger! Peace amid the Korean Peninsula must be stopped! And, therefore, at the disregard of the people of Korea, the THAAD anti-missile systems are installed. Dangerous, as they nurture the fierce theories that General Loureiro dos Santos referred (in DN, 2000.03.13), producing “new forms of making war” and because “ the atomic weapons[…] concerning the great powers will be no obstacle”. For those who drowse, one ought to wake up!

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