«Venezuela: Why now?»

Translated "Avante!"article by Albano Nunes, Member of the International Department

Why such a violent offensive against Bolivarian Venezuela? Why such rancour, hypocrisy, such lies? Why the holy alliance that joined, in a sole coup operation the worst reaction and social-democracy, Trump and Bolsonaro along with Pedro Sanchez, Merkel and other European imperialist block leaders? Why such an indecent media chorus, reporting lie campaigns that back the aggressions against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria? Why do the CDS and the PSD applaud the PS minority government inadmissible reactive position?

All this is not certainly for the sake of freedom or generous humanitarian feelings. The economic and financial throttling regarding Venezuela and the plunder of Venezuelan enormous assets abroad prove it. Imperialism has the objective of impoverishing the people unto despair and wash away its memory from the social situation and the respect towards its dignity that grew in the last twenty years and therefore turn against the Bolivarian process. It regards a classic weapon of the counter-revolutionary arsenal. It regards not freedom nor human rights that move imperialism but instead Venezuela enormous wealth, that imperialism envies.

Certainly imperialism desires to take over the greatest ever known oil reserves in the world. And what explains such a vast hatred campaign and the violent offensive in order to turn down the legitimate president of Venezuela, such a wide force convergence among the reaction and imperialism field, a brutal interference in home issues regarding a sovereign country is much deeper. The people of Venezuela’s own sovereign and progressive choice and the dangerous strength coming from its dignity choice, is not tolerated by imperialism. Success and notable achievements upon Hugo Chávez victory, in 1998, are to be defeated and forgotten for ever. This monstrous Chavist crime to deviate, from multinational pockets the oil income in order to promote well-being of the people and help other Latin-American and Caribbean countries to break their binds with the USA.

The offensive against the Bolivarian process begun just upon its awakening. With no success. Many conspiracies and attempts were defeated. The process consolidated and held deeply democratic and progressive institutions. Throughout Latin America, a wave of sovereignty and anti-imperialist solidary integration spread. The imperialist counter-offensive surged immediately. The military coup in the Honduras, in 2009 unto the “institutional” coup that led Bolsonaro to the presidency of Brazil, the Latin America force correlation changed greatly and imperialism considered the moment to strike a deadly coup against the Bolivarian Venezuela. In reality, the aggressors have not their way totally free as reality proves a strong popular support to Maduro’s legitimate government, the insidious attempts to open up gaps among the Bolivarian power and destroy it had not the desired result predicted in the coup guide, as well as the attempt to isolate Venezuela internationally. But imperialism and the Fascist reaction do not give up. The situation remains dangerous .Solidarity with the people of Venezuela ought to be reinforced.

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