by Albano Nunes

Venezuela and power: the central issue

Translated "Avante!" article by Albano Nunes, Member of the International Department

The campaign violence against the Bolivarian Venezuela and the non-less violent wave of anti-communism, uttered against the PCP, is explainable, as what is in stake, is the destiny of a revolutionary process. The extraordinary struggle sharpening ,that opposes the reactionary forces and imperialism before those that defend the achieved conquests since Hugo Chávez historical victory in the presidential elections in 1998, does not only concern power political direction, but power in itself, its economic and social substance and class nature.

The state issue is the central question of any revolution and in Venezuela, what is in progress with the Bolivarian constitution approval, that consecrates a popular, anti-oligarchy and anti-imperialist direction, is an original process of revolutionary changes, that have already proved great advances and democratic achievements, but demanding for their defence and consolidation – as, alias, the constitution proclaims- that the power system ought to overcome the methods, even in vigour, of the bourgeois formal democracy and the deepening of the democracy participative component, in order to the state take root amid the town and rural working classes and place it away from demagogy, sabotage and provocation, always ready to profit of adverse conjectural factors in order to reverse and destroy the Bolivarian process.

No doubts ought to exist on this issue. What makes home “opposition”, North-American imperialism ( and European) and Latin American reaction run so aggressively, is not “democracy” nor “human rights”, and much less the respect for the Bolivarian Constitution, unto which they always were opposed. The deafening choir, built at international level, against the National Constituent Assembly – that regrettably, following the European Union hostile position, the Portuguese government partakes– proves it is power class nature that is in stake, reaction and imperialism are willing to everything, in order to pursue their counter-revolutionary objectives. It is not by chance that the choir hinders the 1999 constitution, that foresees its enhancement, in the interest of deepening the popular and sovereign nature of the Bolivarian process. Which signifies that the answer of the Venezuela government to the counter-revolutionary offensive is but legitimate and entirely constitutional. In any case, it is well known that a revolution that does not defend itself with all its power, at its disposal, is a lost revolution. The Bolivarian revolution defends itself and holds by its side the Portuguese communists. The PCP has no hesitation regarding principles. The PCP ought never to vacillate considering its internationalist position.

Although currently frustrated , the counter-revolutionary offensive, that since April last, has killed over a hundred people, has not come to an end. The USA brutal military intervention threat, with no precedent in the history of Venezuela, proves that solidarity with the Bolivarian revolutionary process ought to carry on.

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