Translated “Avante!” article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is, currently, a victim of a brutal destabilization and aggression operation. Notwithstanding having assisted to the defeat of multiple and different coups attempts against the Bolivarian Revolutionary process upon 1999, when the USA, along with the most reactionary Venezuelan opposition sectors, including Nazi nature groups, decide to carry out a new violent and anti-democratic conspiracy against the Bolivarian Revolution.

Supported by a colossal and planned misinformation and lie operation, the Venezuela coup and anti-democratic sectors promote criminal acts of violence – including assassinations -, public and private heritage – involving hospital premises -, plunder actions, trying to impose a uncontrollable situation.

This violent action against Venezuela and its people is nurtured and developed from the exterior, namely by the USA that, directly or indirectly – recuperating the ASO as a mask -, seek, from the very first moment to revert and defeat the sovereign and democratic deep changes’ process, begun by Hugo Chavez, 18 years ago.

The USA never accepted the change process, that made possible that millions of Venezuelan people ought to have , health services, education, potable water, electric energy, housing, culture, upon 1999, and opening up the perspective unto a broad sovereign and emancipating , progressive and anti-imperialist project, tightly bound to Latin America and the Caribbean liberation, from the North-American tutelage and domain. In result, the USA, hypocritically declared Venezuela, a security threat.

From the very first moment, the USA, with the connivance of the great economic groups amid Venezuela, unleashed a permanent economic war, that achieved a new dimension with the momentary difficulties manipulation, felt by the population, in the consequence of the crude oil prices’ fall and those upon the Venezuela economy, increasing its economic boycott action, hoarding and price speculation, obstructing the regular and adequate access to essential commodities. One ought to recall the systematic parliament manipulation upon the 2015 elections, with the objective of president Nicolas Maduro’s impeachment, in order to paralyse his government, confront the Venezuela Constitution and attack the Bolivarian process and its achievements.

During the last 18 years, the Venezuela patriotic forces’ unity and convergence, progressive and revolutionary, as well as the civic-military union, have been of the greatest importance, in the advance and defence of the Venezuelan process, a process that assumes a huge significance, concerning the workers and peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean and throughout the world.

Before the coup destabilization action against the Venezuela Bolivarian Republic, that attempts against the Venezuela sovereignty and peoples’ rights, acquires a greater importance in the affirmation of solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and its people.

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