Translated "Avante!"article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

Trump wants to choose the president of Venezuela. Along with the fascists Bolsonaro and Netanyahu. The war media lies bark in chorus. EU countries’ governments proclaim to be against Trump and the far-right-wing growth. But what separates them from Trump are but “eight days”. The PS government, by Santos Silva, the Foreign Affairs minister, does not want to wait as much: the Venezuela president, elect and constitutional, “must leave”. Libya, Ukraine, Syria and Iraq was not enough for him. The BE claims it has “been in touch” with the government, its position “ has been reasonable”. The PS declares “this is the moment to answer the true and clear will of the people of Venezuela”. But can anybody deny the moment was chosen by Trump? Even the Wall Street Journal (2019.01.25) confesses: “ Trump government’s secret plan to back Juan Guaidó, the opposition leader, was conceived and closely coordinated for many weeks. The go-ahead arrived on the self-proclamation eve, coming from the man the people of Venezuela did not elect, through a phone call from the vice – president Pence. “ A clear desire from the people of Venezuela?” No: a clear desire from imperialism, in order to smash an independent country and a people, by launching hands over some of the greatest oil reserves known, more important than Saudi Arabia ( 24% of world total, in the OPEP Statistic Bulletin, 2018). The Venezuela wealth has already begun to be plundered abroad.

One is assisting to a coup attempt, ordered from the outside. Another one. And that is carrying on since Chávez election, in 1998. The problem does not reside in “Maduro”, nor in a supposed “dictatorship”. The problem is that imperialism does not tolerate sovereign countries. Saudi Arabia can even kill with impunity, within their consulates, as it is a vassal. Who believes Trump, Bolsonaro, Macri or Macron are concerned with democracy or the peoples?

Opposition, in Venezuela detains TVs, newspapers, political representation (when convenient). It won two of the 25 electoral acts in these last 20 years. Those the USA/EU recognize. It lost the remaining 23, but the great capitalist powers act as the EU referendums: ignore them and carry on. With sabotage and economic blockade, terror on the streets, endless lies, attempts to assassinate the president. Whilst preparing the coup and, if possible, the invasion. It is the “ Assad ought to leave” guide. Maduro was reelected 9 months ago, in elections with the opposition accordance – upon negotiations mediated by Zapatero, the Spanish ex-prime minister – who did not sign the agreements, at the last minute. The veto came from Washington: preparing for the coup. Waiting for Bolsonaro. But the people of Venezuela, before such enormous adversities, has been able to organize itself and resist. As these days’ demonstrations, in support of their president, silenced by the coup and bellicose media, and that drowns us in war lies. A testimony of vitality, popular basis and the Bolivarian Revolution achievements. But the revolution demands peoples solidarity and their friends. In Portugal, the worst in the PS whole history and its alliances with the far right-wing and imperialism, is confirmed. The BE follows. But isn’t it obvious that the fascist monster nurtured by each new war and coup ought to remain but in Ukraine, Brazil or Venezuela?

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