By Pedro Guerreiro

"Submission and Dependence"

Translated "Avante!"article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

The European Counsel outcome, from the 19th and 20th October, reflect the European Union engagement concerning the achievement of the designed plan, with the purpose of its federalist, neoliberal and militarist deepening.

The EU, as those who really are in command, scheduled an ambitious number of measures, to be submitted and /or implemented from October 2017 to June 2019, as following : the migration and refugees policy application, deeply exploiter and inhuman; the “unique market” development, at the service of the transnational corporations’ greed; the trick of the so-called “social pillar”, in order to determine the setback convergence; the EU militarist increase, as NATO’s European pillar; the configuration of the Economic and Monetary Union, by creating , under Germany, new control instruments; the prolonging of the disfigurement of the communitarian budget , as an instrument for the forever mystified “ convergence” and “cohesion”; the redistribution /replacement of European Parliament chairs, according to the appetites/desires and under the great powers command; the pondering of trade rules, according to the great EU powers monopoly interests; among other clarifying examples.

In other words, a number of measures that hold the purpose – through power concentration in supranational institutions, dominated by the same great powers and the consequent limitation and conditioning of national sovereignty of countries such as Portugal – by intensifying exploitation and insuring the great financial and economic great groups domain. However, by perceiving the class convergence round some of these objectives, others exist and that carry on highlighting, amid the EU, contradictions and growing antagonisms – the United Kingdom exit, being an example.
Not surprisingly, one ought to remind and point out that , on what concerns the plotted plan by the EU instances, none of the appointed measures above jeopardize the European Union brutal answer towards the outbreak of the crisis peak, ten years ago, amid the framework of the capitalism structural crisis. For all those who surrendered to the “ European” reveries , one ought to recall that, to more “European Union”, they so much proclaim signified and signifies: an attack to labour and other social rights; the safeguard imposition of the financial great groups’ interests, at the cost of public funds; the so-called “periphery” countries plunder carried out by the great powers; wealth concentration and centralizing along with the increase of social inequalities/differences and the development asymmetry among the different countries; strengthened constraints concerning national sovereignty, democracy, through mechanisms such as the “ European semester”, “European governance”, “ Banking Union” or even the “Budget Treaty”.

Claiming mystifications, screaming out “threats” and “dangers”, fund bribing , each of the European Union laps represented and ought to represent a new step concerning the condemnation of political submission and economic dependence, explainable in added limitations to national sovereignty, by the reinforced policy and measures imposition of instruments, that attempt against workers rights and peoples.

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