"The struggle for peace"

The submission to the United Nations General Assembly, of a dissociated resolution, even with no direct explicit remarks, on the USA decision of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, along with voting outcome – 128 in favour; 9 against; 35 abstentions; and the non-participation of 21 countries in the voting – assumes a major political meaning, under the circumstances it took place and the current international moment.

This result is of the greatest importance, when this resolution was presented in the sequence of a North-American resolution of similar essence, vetoed by the USA, at the UN Security Counsel, and when its General Assembly voting was accompanied by USA threats and blackmail on several countries – a whole behaviour that places the naked truth on the instrumental manner of how the USA face the United Nations, as well as its real intentions on the latter “reform”.

One ought to state indeed, that it is not the first time the USA “solely” support the Israel Zionist policy within the UN ( as currently and again at the Security Counsel). However, what is important to underline is the direct motive on the recent voting at the UN is not a new illegal act nor a perpetrated crime by Israel, but otherwise the explicit USA support unto Zionist colonialism, that occupies the Palestine territories illegally and brutally oppresses the people of Palestine.

Alias, the USA itself, that under its arrogant and threat attitude, transformed the resolution and its voting into an authentic false claim, before its shameless support unto the Israeli occupation policy, widening the latter political meaning.

Undoubtedly, the United Nations Security Counsel and General-Assembly voting holds contradictory elements. Beyond the countries that genuinely and in solidarity, support the Palestinian people just cause and the accomplishment of international law, others, instead – by perceiving the political cost and the adventurous side-by-side with the North-American dangerous provocation – seek to save their position, hiding, along with their vote , years of complacence, complicity and connivance with the Israeli violent occupation. But not ignoring this reality, these two voting moments at the UN, represent a political USA drawback.

A drawback that signifies how North –American imperialism is resolute in the creation and maintenance of a permanent state of tension and latent war – by incrementing a huge run to armament and international relations militarization, promoting interference, threat, continuous instigation and aggression, by dragging along its “allies” in its strategy, including NATO or even Japan -, in order to contradict its relative economic decline and impede the emergence of new countries, amid the international scene.

A bellicose strategy – reaffirmed in the recently divulged North-American “ National Security Strategy” – which places the demand of a wider convergence in the defence of peace, universal, simultaneous and controlled disarmament, namely nuclear disarmament, the right of peoples self-determination and states sovereignty and independence, in solidarity with the peoples’ victims of imperialism interference and aggression.

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