Solidarity with the Sudanese Communist Party

Solidarity with the Sudanese Communist Party

The Portuguese Communist Party condemns the repression unleashed by the Sudanese authorities following the demonstrations convened, among other forces, by the Sudanese Communist Party, against the increase in the price of essential goods in Sudan.

The PCP condemns, in particular, the arrest of Mokhtar al-Khatieb, General Secretary of the Sudanese Communist Party and of other leaders of the Party, to whom we express the solidarity of the Portuguese Communists. We demand from the Sudanese authorities their immediate liberation and respect for their rights, as well as the rights of all other political prisoners.

Recalling the Sudanese people’s traditions of struggle, the PCP expresses its solidarity with the people of Sudan who, having been the victims over many decades of war, imperialist interference and domination by foreign multinationals, carry forth the struggle in defence of their social rights, against repression and in defence of democracy.

  • Peace and Solidarity