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On the so-called Permanent Structured Cooperation

On the so-called Permanent Structured Cooperation

1 – The PS Government is preparing to decide upon Portugal’s association with the so-called «Permanent Structured Cooperation» (PESCO), counting on the support of the President of the Republic and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. This decision is part of the process deepening the militarization of the European Union and its affirmation as the European pillar of NATO, tending towards the creation of a «common army» of the European Union, in a framework of complementarity with that political-military block.

2 – PCP manifests its strongest disagreement with this intention and with the path of deepening the militarization of the European Union and increasing concentration upon supranational power of matters that are at the core of national sovereignty and independence.

3 – PCP also criticizes the hypocritical position of PSD and CDS who, having supported and ratified the European Union Treaty and defending PESCO, seek simultaneously, as PS also tries, to separate the association of Portugal with PESCO from the objective, long made explicit by those responsible for the process of capitalist integration, of creating a «European army» and centralizing the processes of command and decision, a process driven by some of the main powers in the EU, namely Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

4 – This step, not free of contradictions that will certainly manifest during its development, will tend to deepen the perversion of the mission of the Portuguese Armed Forces and its constitutionally defined functions, compromising the national capacity, and thus decreasing the ability of sovereign decision and national independence.

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