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​On the results of the ​second round of the presidential elections in France

​On the results of the ​second round of the presidential elections in France

PCP Press Office Statement - May 8th, 2017

Although the rejection, by the French people, of Marine Le Pen and her extreme-right and xenophobic project is emphasized as positive, the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of France represents a deepening of the policies that are the cause of the current economic and social crisis in France and for the maintenance of factors that foster the growth of the extreme-right in that country.

Presented as a "new" movement, Emmanuel Macron does not represent a any change, but the intensification of the program of exploitation and social regression in France and a deepening of the neoliberal, militarist and federalist path of the European Union, according to the interests of French and European big capital that have been pursued by the Governments of ​Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande.

Remembering the conditions of state of emergency, of deep popular frustration with the repeated promises of change in France and the European Union, and the significant political pressure and constraint under which the presidential elections in France took place, PCP considers that its results express the discontent and protest of the French people with the right-wing and social-democratic policies that have been pursued in France and the European Union, punishing its more direct and traditional protagonists and, contrary to the current campaign, in now way authorize a mandate to legitimize the capitalist process of European integration.

​PCP expresses its solidarity with the struggle of the French workers and people in defense of their rights and sovereignty, continuing its best traditions of struggle for freedom, social progress and peace.

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